At the risk of being that guy who pipes up and says, “I talk about women’s reproductive freedom,” I talk about reproductive freedom.

Number one on the list of What Will the Next Conservative Leader Need to Do for me to Vote Tory Again? is to “Affirm reproductive rights for freedom”.

In, Andrew Scheer says that Prime Ministers can put aside their religious views when governing I argue that it’s theoretically possible for a leader to be “Pro-Life” in their personal views but still protect women’s reproductive freedom (Paul Martin did it), but that I didn’t trust that Andrew Scheer would. The implication is that I would have serious reservations that any Conservative government would.

I don’t get down too far in the weeds when it comes to women’s reproductive freedom because I’m a man and it’s not up to me to tell a woman what she should and should not do with her own body.

I think that women’s reproductive freedom is under threat in the United States because men like their privilege and are fighting to keep it. The women who are allies in misogyny like the reflected privilege they enjoy from supporting male dominance.

I think that’s the reason why you won’t see too many men supporting women’s reproductive freedom. Men like being on top. To stay on top, men need to push you down.

I’m a liberal. I believe that the free market is the best way to allocate scarce resources…. except when it isn’t.